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Have you been bitten by the "Writing Bug"? Here's the place to share your ideas, brainstorm a little, have your work critiqued by others, all while learning to be a better writer.

We'll also post valuable information and links to help you get started on the path to becoming published legitimately! You won't find any misleading information or infamous "writer's scams" here; only ways to spot and avoid them!

So what are you waiting for? Join us in our journey to share the art we love best - writing!

Notes, Rules & Guidelines:

Just a few simple ones to keep in mind...

*Membership must be approved before joining, as to keep would-be trollers and spammers out. Thanks for your understanding!

*This Community was made mainly for the purpose of its Creator and her friends to share their works with each other, but anyone is welcome to join in and share. After all, as we are learning and sharing with one another, we're happy to have others join us for the ride!

*Respect and constructive criticism is a must, as is originality - please don't post other people's work as your own!

*Published and unpublished work may be posted. If you get something published, by all means feel free to share with us!

*Keep your posts purposeful and on-topic; if you need a place to just ramble randomly, please use your personal journal or create one to share your daily life and events.

*Respect the other members, and they will do the same! Anyone who excessively makes rude comments is likely to be banned from the Community. We are not about bashing other people's writing! So please, be gentle when offering any commentary.

The bottom line: We are here to help and offer support!

That's about it for now! Thanks for reading and abiding by these rules!